The term 'indignant dolphin' was bestowed upon me by my loved ones to describe the pitch of my voice at certain times. Usually it's when I'm very emphatic about something, and have no control over how my brain or body reacts. (Occasionally it's because I'm wrong and don't want to admit it, but that is VERY rare).


I am an indignant dolphin though. I read the news every day and every day I'm furious and righteous and frustrated. When I hear rooms of male politicians making decisions for women and ignoring women's voices or when access to healthcare for anyone is denied based on the need to keep women controlled and voiceless I become... Indignant Dolphin! 

It is now my superhero name.

I have been afraid to put my own voice out there for many reasons. Privacy, fear, insecurity. Probably insecurity more than anything. But I've heard so many amazing voices recently, women and men who are fearless, and funny, and doing everything they can to fight for what they believe in and for the soul of the country. So I'm going to start putting my voice out there as well. Sorry if I blow out anyone's eardrums while doing so.